Individual Zine Mod Guides

Before reading this section, note that different modding teams and methods of running a zine have different definitions for mod roles. The following list of tasks do not all need to be present. The way we have organised these roles does not have to be followed.

What we have done with this list is order it from what is the most required to what might be considered optional. Within each section, we highlight what should be done to accomplish various measures of success.

Entries in this list might still be under construction, so come back to check if we have added anything else.

Note: If you landed here directly, you may instead be looking for the information on the homepage.

Getting things done

Putting things together

Having things made

Sending things out

Showing things off

Selling your thing (on social)

Finding the money

Keeping us afloat

Art Mod

Writing Mod

Discord Mod

Other Mods

(interns later)